Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Eunice

Hi, it's me, from the pharmacy last night around 11:30PM. I was the guy who came running in with burns across all four of his fingers from accidentally grabbing the iron. You remember, the crazy soaking wet guy from the rain in the scary pajama pants, mis-matched t-shirt and really poorly groomed hair. Yeah ... that's me. I wanted to say thank you for the burn gel. It worked great and I'm blister-free this morning just like you said.

For those of you who weren't there, here's what happened....

[Guy outlined above runs into 24-hour pharmacy]

Guy: Burn cream!! Burn cream!!

Eunice: Honey, come with me. Mister you gonna have to wait to check out, this boy's got a burn. Follow me baby.

Guy: Thank you.

Eunice: First, we just gonna spray this and this cause they help with the pain but don't buy these, they just for sunburn. This is the one you want to get. This gel works really well.

Guy: Are you sure?

Eunice: Honey, please, I work nights in a drug store. I'm practically a nurse.

Guy: okay.

[At the register, payment transacted]

Guy: Thank you so much. Are you sure it's okay we sprayed all that stuff but I didn't buy any of it?

Eunice: Please ... don't you mind that. In fact, chocolate makes everything better so you take a few of these Kit Kat bars (throws Kit Kat bars into guy's bag). You like Kit Kats?

Guy: Yes, but I didn't pay for those either.

Eunice: You a nervous little thing, aren't ya? Never mind that, I'll just eat a few less tonight. [devilish grin from Eunice] Okay, bye-bye, you take care of that burn.

Eunice: [to gentleman still waiting to check out] Sir, thank you for waiting while I handled my emergency. It's like this all the time.

[end scene]

Helpful burn tip for the day: When you leave the house to get your burn gel, take a cold wet kitchen towel. If you put it up against the air conditioner vent in the car and then rest your hand on it (with the air blowing full blast), it's like anesthesia! Wet+Cold=Pain Relief

Thank you Eunice, you're the best! Don't you love her?


Dave Daniels said...

"You a nervous little thing, aren't ya?" Best line ever~! Eunice KNOWS things.

Melanie said...

Dear Eunice: Thanks for helping my friend. He needs adult supervision sometimes.

Lisa said...

Dear Eunice: Thanks ever so much for taking good care of my friend's hand. He needs them to create all the wonderful things he does. Perhaps he should make you something special to make him feel better about all the "free" stuff that you provided him when he was there....Love southern hospitality!