Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee Talk 2

I love how more people emailed or Rav-mailed me about the penis-cozy girl rather than actually leaving a comment! I got a real kick out of it. So much so, that I thought it could be a fun weekly piece, "Strange Knit Tuesdays". Okay, fine, I didn't really think the name through. I thought, hey, it might even make me a better blogger or that's how I was selling it to myself. In the end, it will not be a regular piece because surfing the web for stuff like this is a ridiculous waste of time. The cursory search did bring us this darling and I'd be remiss if I didn't share it with you. It's a crocheted, anatomically accurate birth doll with a removable umbilical cord! (not pictured,, you need to head over to Etsy for all the glory). I love it. I'd spend the $15 for the pattern but it's an advanced crochet pattern and I can barely chain stitch.

Garret, I can't help ya, I just came across Penis-cozy girl in my travels. I swear (hand raised in boy scout fashion). And Krystal, a woman of few words, glad to see you back! To all you others, too scared to attach your monikers to this insanity ... I can't blame you!

I picked up the new Vogue Knitting and have been pouring over Josh's (aka Boy Meets Purl) fair-isle cardigan. I think I'm really going to try a sweater this year! It's gorgeous and I can totally see myself on this guy in this sweater. Oops.


garret said...

Sure, Sure your "Travels". Is that what they're calling them now.

That does look like a god sweater.Lots of plain knitting,with a few difficult parts.

Krystal said...

LOL.....O..M...G.. Now THAT'S something I've NEVER seen before. And I totally need to teach you to Crochet. You could whip up this little beauty in no time! Now, what you'd do with it AFTER you got it done....well, that's a whole other story. BTW, you'd be quite proud of this hooker. I actually finished a KNITTED project! Fingerless Gloves no less! (see my blog post)

Lisa said...

OMG....I can crochet but I'm not quite sure who I would give something like that to, seriously.

I love Garret's sense of humor!

The sweater model...well, he is quite cute so I can see the attraction. I think that you would lokk quite handsome in that swaeter as weel, but I might changes the colors....