Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Home Young Man...

I just got back from a trip to see my family. I flew into Atlantic City and rented a car. I wasn't in NJ 45 minutes when a woman in ginormous white sunglasses, driving a monster Escalade flew out from behind me and passed me going 90 miles an hour. She gave me the finger as she flew by and I knew it was going to be a perfect weekend. Classic!

The entire weekend was a harmonious blend of my favorite things -- family, friends, Mom's cooking, NYC and Winter weather as cold as 13 degrees. Winter is a character in my life that doesn't visit often enough. It's so sensory, full of life and I love everything about it. The reason for the trip was a celebration, my niece turned 16! She's a great kid. Before the party, I had absolutely no concept of what 16 year old kids were like but I was surprised that a lot of them seemed like really good kids. There weren't any obvious nose piercing, tattoos or use of vulgar language so I was pretty impressed and surprised.

I spent Sunday in the city with my oldest and one of my dearest friends. We walked through Central Park, had lunch at the Boathouse, went to the Met and had drinks at the Oak Room at the Plaza hotel. It was an exceptional and lovely day. I love everything about the city, especially this time of year. I was all bundled up in my hand knit scarf and fingerless gloves. And yes, they survived the trip and got tons of use!

I know so many of you live in cold climates but for this Florida guy, it was paradise. The only really beat part of the whole weekend was I forgot my knitting. I must have said 10 times before I left, "get something out of the ottoman to bring on the trip." Never happened! I did have my Nook so the trip was not lost. Just for fun, I wanted to try knitting with twine and two pencils at my parents. I could hear my Mom, "Joseph, give it a rest already!" Gotta hear it with the New Yawk accent ... Classic!


grandfatherknits said...

Squee! What opera did you see? Paul and I are going to NYC in February and we have 3 operas to see, including my favorite, Lucia!
Glad you had fun and enjoyed the winter weather.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you weer able to enjoy NYC and all the winter wonderland that the South really never experiences. I'm also glad that you survived a sixteen year old female.....they can be Aliens at times, even when they are realtives.

Knitting should have been the first thing you packed, even before the personal items.....just sayin'

Krystal said...

GASP! You FORGOT your Knitting?! How could you?! hehehehe...It happens. At least you improvised.

Glad you had a great visit! I love NYC. I've been there twice. My husband is a Jersey boy but his family lives in NY. An hour above Albany. So we go visit sometimes. There's still a lot I haven't seen there....maybe on the next trip up.

Anonymous said...

How totally AWESOME, knitting with 2 pencils, AND TWINE!!! EWE RAWK, man!