Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Afternoon with Beauregard

Edit 9:30PM: to replace photo as we have two socks now; meaning a pair!
Original Text 5:30PM: So far only one sock! It's raining in Florida, big surprise, so I couldn't get a true color shot of this sock. I started today. Yarn: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Sock in colorway Estuary. I kinda think this yarn is heavier than a classic sock yarn. It worked Beauregard hard but in the end, I really like it! I'm especially partial to the 5x1 mock-rib. I think it's a really smart look and breaks up the color pools nicely! Pretty cool, considering it was completed in two short episodes of Stargate SG1, my latest Netflix addiction!

On a separate subject, it's time for a change. I want to change my username. I really want to keep knitguy but most variations of knitguy are already taken. Since I'm not from Los Angeles or Louisiana", something has to give!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Oh, and toes soon, I promise!

Thanks everyone!


Lisa said...

As for a name.....I like IamKnitGuy. It has authority!

The socks look awesome....send rain to TX PLEASE.....

knitguyla said...

I was leaning that way too. I like the way you think Lisa and thanks on the socks!

Send rain to TX.
Send rain to TX.
Send rain to TX.

Did it work? ;-)

garret said...

SeeJoeKnit, but you could go with something like SeeKnitguyknit. I personally like theREALKnitguy.