Thursday, August 25, 2011

Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Well, it's all done. In the end, IamKnitGuy won out. There's something about it that I really like, especially when I say it in my biggest, booming voice ... I_A.M_K.N.I.T_G.U.Y (a la The Wizard of Oz)! I considered Garret's TheRealKnitGuy (thanks Garret!) but it was just a little too long and not universally available. I doubt there will be any drastic changes here at Hooked on the Needle except that we're heading into a major CSM period. There's been little hand knitting lately but sock production is definitely in full swing and hand knitting is not entirely abandoned. A Stephen West design has recently made it out of the "what happened to that project" pile! ;-)

In a few weeks, I'll be meeting a friend to finally learn/see kitchener stitch from waste yarn (as is used for CSM socks) in person! Once that hurdle is completed, the adventure will really begin. Stay tuned for exciting updates and potentially, lots of 'em!!!
knitguyla signing off.

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Krystal said...

Wow, you threw me for a loop. I was going though my Ravelry friends pages and I had to stop and come back again to look at the name! But I like it!! I think it suites you! And btw, the kitchener stitch in regular hand knitting rocks! That's something I just learned to do just a couple months ago. So I'm interested to see how it's done on waste yarn....