Sunday, April 22, 2012

This one is on the fly but i came across this Madeline Tosh pattern that I really like. I'm apparently in a cowl mode! ;-) I've got this amazing alpaca in a sport weight that I bought at the spring retreat a few years ago that would be heavenly against the neck. I only know the weight not the yardage so how do you figure out if you have enough?

Also, do you think the halo of the alpaca will denigrate the stitch definition?

And don't tell me to swatch, I know that but importantly, know how lazy I am!

Any ideas are appreciated!

Edit: Am I the only one loving this blogger app! And now with photos!


garret said...

As a spinner and yarn recycler, I am used to not knowing how much yarn I have except in a relative way. Unless you're really interested in doing high school math, I suggest that you just pretend that you have enough and light a candle, maybe make a burnt offering to the knitting gods to insure your yarn bounty? (Wouldn't hurt)

You could do the "measure ten yards of yarn, weigh that, and then use that to tell how much yarn you have, by doing some wierd ratio thing.

Then there is some really labor intensive thing that I made up. Get the back of a chair or something and measure it. Then wind your yarn around it, counting how many time you went around it. Then multiply the two numbers, and then you have the answer. Just be sure to convert how much yarn you have to yards! (I've made the feet mistake.)

I would go with the burnt offering, it would be a lot quicker.

garret said...

I've nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award. (Read: I've tagged you in a meme.) Visit me for the details.

IamKnitGuy said...

OMG, I wouldn't do any of those things either.

Where are the matches!!!