Monday, May 21, 2012

Well, I've come and gone and another Men's Spring Knitting Retreat is complete. I love this event. I love seeing the guys at these events and the amazing creations that have been knit over the year. One of the things I love most about this retreat is the locale. A quiet spot in the country filled with trees and hills!
This spot was lovely until the geese attacked the rental car. The horn didn't even slow them down. Protecting the young is serious business

They were everywhere and all over the grounds.

Although I love the locale, the venue itself has lost some of its appeal for me. Granted, the meeting space is spectacular! It has amazing light and an openness to the outside world that can't be beat but the sleeping quarters are well, I don't know how to dress it up, they're, well, not my speed.

I didn't join in the fray nearly as much as I have in the past. I very purposely did not take any classes and when I ripped my shawl to the lifeline for the second time on day two, I never picked it up again. Instead, my fantastic roomie, MDV, taught me to properly crochet and I even made a very rough version of the granny square that my intended crochet blanket is based on. Here's the blanket and here's the square!

granny blanket photo copyright the designer Lucy at

I had wheels this year and if I return, I will always have them. I escaped to town and had breakfast at this really quaint, little eatery, found real coffee (I never thought I'd be so happy to see a Dunkin' Donuts), took a few long drives through the country and snapped some photos along the way.

the lake at Easton

A Drive in the Country

Breakfast is served

A great trip overall and a great getaway; just what the doctor ordered! Not that doctor silly. ;-)

Edit: Kystal, I swear I'm going to send you the Tosh yarn....soon!


garret said...

The blanket is looking a lot like the one that it was intended to be. (I'm assuming that one on According to Matt, that day that you link to him and SUCKED UP MY REMAINING FREE TIME.) Though, to be perfectly honest, I have a few doubts about you being able to stick with that project for that long. Just sayn'

And I'm assuming that doctor comment was just to keep me from making the obvious pun. You're getting a lot better at this kind of trouble shooting.

IamKnitGuy said...

You know you loved "According to Matt"! He's a great read!

Is that a challenge? I won't take it because you're probably right. I think I'm going to start with a pillow and see how it goes.

Hey thanks, I knew you'd like the Doctor comment or at least be one of the few who got it!

Krystal said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Your Crocheting now??!!! That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I knew I'd get you over to the hook side of the craft. :)

And the square looks great and so does those colors. That's going to be a great little blanket cheerful afghan when you get done.

And as I said before no worries on that yarn!

Hope your having a great one!


Kyle William said...

I love granny squares. I started a blanket a long time ago and you are insipiring me to (maybe?) start a blanket as well... we shall see.

It was great to get to see you at the retreat and I hope we get to visit again soon!

TrickyTricot said...

Who's this MDV guy? He sounds great - and he crochets? Wow, can I have his number?