Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the infamous words of Doctor Who....

It's a bit "wibbly wobbly timey wimey". Yes, the wine glass has come home from the kiln. I can't get a good photo of it, just my luck, the day I get it back from the studio, "Florida, the Sunshine State" decides to go cloudy on me. The stem is clearly a little bit off-center and the middle of the stem ended up a bit over-twisted and it's not exactly straight up and down ... but I love it! It twisted so much that I'm afraid to wash it fearing the stem will just crack in two but there's wine in my future and yes, it's going from this glass to my lips! Since I can't get a good photo of it today, here are a few birthday present photos...

doctor who case

Yes, I'm obsessed with Doctor Who, can't get enough of it so a Doctor Who inspired phone case was just the ticket! My very own Tardis! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, get over to Netflix and queue the series. If you like science fiction that's a tad ridiculous, you'll adore Doctor Who.

my new backpack

And my new knitting bag! It came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and it's fantastic! I adore the hardware and its overall design. It's really cleverly made, you have to love Etsy! Half the fun was tracking it on DHL as it made its way across the planet. Believe it or not, it got to Cincinnati (via Hong Kong) in 2 days and then proceeded to take 5 days to get to Florida, go figure? Welcome to America!

And since it's my new knitting bag, that's knitting content! Golden!

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

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garret said...

Well, have a glass or two of wine and then that slightly off center stem will seem like such a small problem, if at all. I swear I give the best advice, "drink a little, and it will be alright."

I love the knitting bag. It looks manly without looking like you're trying to hard to be manly, which always makes you look girly. It is definately better than my knitting bag, which was a free draw-sting backpack with "Alzheirmers Association" written on it. It leads me to say things like. "What am I knitting?!" "Why am I knitting!?" "What is knitting!?"