Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And the Gauntlet is Thrown...

My dear friend Chris has posed the challenge for a "Crank-a-thon" to see who can knit the most socks over the next two weeks. There's prizes involved and the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie is in air. And honestly, all you have to do is make socks and post photos of them.

The see who can make the most projects overall vs ribbed socks vs plain socks vs CSM projects other than socks and the list goes on. In theory, this is a fun idea. In reality, I'm lazy and a hopeless procrastinator. Perhaps if I had played more sports as a kid I'd be more competitive but it's just not in my nature. I posted the following diatribe to give them an idea that although I'd participate, it would be unlikely that I'd actually succeed.

Day 1: Look thoughtfully at the stash
Day 2: Wind yarn
Day 3: Decide I want to use different yarn
Day 4: Wind new yarn
Day 5: Start cranking with no success for some unknown reason.
Day 6: Decide a gin and tonic with friends is more fun and go out instead of cranking.
Day 7: Decide it’s the yarn so look at the stash some more.
Day 8: Choose new yarn and wind it up.
Day 9: Make a complete sock in about 1/2 hour.
Day 10: Think, "I got this, I made a sock last night in 1/2 hour, I’ll crank out 6 or 7 tomorrow." BBQ something nice.
Day 11: Ribber hates me, make a 5x1 mock rib pair instead but don’t close the toes.
Day 12: Force myself to work on the ribber.
Day 13: Finally finish the second ribbed sock but don’t close the toes.
Day 14: Come to the realization that I will come in last place and close the toes on the 5x1 mock-rib but since I don’t want to screw up the ribbed pair and it’s already dark, wait until tomorrow when I have/need natural light.
Day 14: In the evening Lie and say I left my camera at work and the phone is dead but I’ll post the ribbed pair tomorrow. It’s worked for Vickie but in the end she'll tell me I’m a liar and to "bite me" because I missed the deadline.
Day 15: Feel the shame and avoid the list entirely.

Tongue in cheek, maybe not? Tonight was Day 1. Here's what happened...

Day 1: Looked thoughtfully at the stash. Started cranking, phone rang, talked to Laura for 259 minutes and sit here now posting this nonsense at 1AM.

Definitely should have taken Little League more seriously.

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garret said...

That is not a good excuse. I didn't play sports at all as a kid, and got out of gym as often as possible. (I had foot issues and could fake a great sore throat.) But yet, I am fircely, vastly, and unbelievably comptetive.

Good luch on day two. Hell, at this rate I could knit the things by hand faster. (Shame is a good motivator, yet another gauntlet.)